Any card personalisation software can help you create your cards. CardExchange Producer gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps CardExchange Producer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards! Even before you start designing, your card looks fantastic. With several optional preloaded Card Designs to choose from all waiting to make it your own. With our Card Wizard you can create a card in just a few clicks. It really is that simple! We offer the optional use of one our existing databases or you can connect to your existing database(s). With drag and drop features you can easily add fields to your card layout without all the complicated manual mapping of fields other software programs require. And there you have it: a beautifully designed, fresh, high-quality card created in minutes.

Create your own design from a blank canvas. CardExchange Producers makes card layouts easy. Choose fonts and add images, graphics, barcodes, magnetic strip, and more. Powerful graphic tools let you resize and rotate objects on your card, apply graphic enhancements, remove backgrounds from images, create variable images, all with a simple point and click. You can even control the text: how it looks, merge fields, and even have an image background in the text field. Move everything around on the layout with WYSIWYG feature until you see the card you envision.


Card Create Wizard
Internal Database
Multiple Card Layouts
TWAIN, DirectShow
MS Excel
Signature Pads
Advanced Filtering
Login Feature
MS SQL, Oracle etc.
ODBC Support
Multiple Databases
Drop Down Menus
MIFARE Classic
ID Card Scanner
Biometric Support