Premier Food Safe Matte Black Cards


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Premier Food Safe Matte Black Cards

Designed to be fully customisable and highly presentable, these ‘Food Safe’ plastic cards allow you to quickly print and clearly display price signage, whilst adhering to food safety legislation.

The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No 1169/2011 requires all food service organisations serving unpackaged food or food packaged on site that is for immediate consumption to provide details of all items which contain the EU 14 major allergens.

These black Food Safe plastic cards have a superb matt finish and are able to be overprinted using a white Food Safe ribbon in any desktop ID card printer.

The 760 micron thickness, which is the same as your bank card for example, ensures easy overprinting and great durability and longevity.  Even the edges of these cards are also black, to complete that sleek and professional look on your food counters.

Shrink wrapped in individual packs of 100 cards per pack.

100 Pack

760 Micron